The Consulting Detective (bootoye) wrote,
The Consulting Detective

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014

:D Hey all, I hope you had a great Holiday season. I hope you were nice and that Santa brought you something good.
If you don't celebrate Christmas then I hope you at least looked at Time of the Doctor! :)

For New Years we got The Empty Hearse from Sherlock and I loved loved it! The reunion! Just having new Sherlock!I have seen the episode 2 1/2 times and would have seen it more but iplayer keeps hanging on me *sigh*
Tomorrow is Sherlock The Sign of Three and I can't wait.

Thank goodness for BBC iplayer! XD

(worry not i shall wait until after PBS shows Sherlock series 3 to do spoiler reviews^^)

So in the spirit of the season here are 2 oldie ('70s) Christmas songs from Trinidad and Tobago to entertain you.

Around the Christmas Tree


Hopefully, I can chat again soon :)
Tags: real life
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