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Sherlock Series 3 **SPOILERS**

At long last. Sherlock series 3 is over. PBS is going to show The Empty Hearse on Sunday January 19th and I will watch it again (for the 5th time^^) after that I will try not to re-watch until I get the Blu-Ray release XD

So what can I say about Sherlock Series 3? It took wayyyyyyy to long to be aired but it was actually pretty speedy after actual filming.^^ I don't mind waiting a year for a new series so I hope the rumours of a Jan 2015 release for Series 4 is fact.

Many Happy Returns - Review

The Christmas episode special was about 7 mins long. Half of the web-isode focused on Anderson and Lestrade as Anderson tries to convince Greg that Sherlock has faked his death.... that Sherlock has been working remarkable cases in Tibet, India, Germany and that he is on his way back to London. It seems that after in investigations into Sherlock's consultancy, Lestrade was absolved of any misconduct, Sherlock's name and reputation was cleared and Anderson lost his job because a sense of guilt and conscience had himm convinced that Sherlock Holmes as indeed still alive after having staged his suicide.
Bullocks! According to Greg. Of course everyone knows that Sherlock died.
Greg Lestrade excused himself and went to visit John at his new flat away from Baker Street. Greg hands John a box containing paraphernalia from Sherlock's various cases and including an uncut version of a Birthday greeting that Sherlock had sent John a couple years before. John steels himself with some Scotch and watches Sherlock bluff himself through an excuse not to be at John's b-day party. As Sherlock asks Greg , who is behind the scenes, what to say.... John interrupts and say "Don't be dead." On screen Sherlock responds "Okay. Happy Birthday John and Many Happy Returns". Then after John pauses the film, the video plays out with a smile and a wink. Greg get a newspaper that reads "The Game is back On".

My impressions

I loved this mini ep. it was nice to see that the Sherlock believer was Anderson and that he had got just punishments for doubting Sherlock in The Reichenbach Fall. It was also good to see Lestrade getting a starring role. I was also happy to see that Greg did not lose his job over the Sherlock debacle. XD John looked relaxed and while his mourning was not completely over we can see that he had indeed moved on after Sherlock and he was in a good place.
The theme of this mini ep was that Sherlock is coming back. It is very appropriate and I was very glad that he was on his way back and the Christmas release broke up the seemingly long neverending wait for the return of Sherlock.
Make sure you watch this ep on YouTube before you see The Empty Hearse. ^^

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