The Consulting Detective (bootoye) wrote,
The Consulting Detective

Sherlock Series 3 E02 : The Sign of Three

I don't think I need to put in the spoiler tags's been over a year. If you haven't seen The Sign of Three yet then, you probably won't ever get around to it. XD

When I first viewed this episode, I was a bit bewildered. I mean it was interesting, entertaining but it did not seem to be too Sherlock. I was not sure what to think at all. Now 20+ or so viewings later, I know this is my fave episode of the 3rd series. The highlights!

1. Sherlock is John's Best Man!
2. Sherlock gives a Speech!!!
3. Archie, the mini-Sherlock-in-training is adorable.
4. The rizla game...John gets to be Madonna and Sherlock is himself. LOL This drunk Stag scene was hilarious.... the best I have ever seen.
5. Greg! (so hunky and dreamy) :)
6. I loved the Mind Palace courtroom with Judge Mycroft Holmes presiding. This actually shows just how much influence Mycroft has over his lil brother's life.

OMG I just realised that this entry is so much like the fake blog entry that Sherlock did on John's site. XD

Anyway, until I have time to actually sit and write a proper review, this will have to do. I love, love , love The Sign of Three. A real treat for the true Sherlock fan.
Tags: review, sherlock holmes
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