The Consulting Detective (bootoye) wrote,
The Consulting Detective

Reviving old fandoms

So I have spent almost the last 4 years emerged in the Sherlock fandom. All my fanvids, fanfics etc. we're Sherlock related. Then suddenly last month I rediscovered HP and PSoH and FFVII and it's like I had never left. I guess once you were in a fandom you never really leave. It was a separation. Lol

So now I am voraciously devouring the Snape/Potter fics I have not read since 2006 :) have some new faves and I suddenly have a craving to re-read the Harry Potter series and watch over the movies. Lol

Have also been looking for the new series of PetShop of Horrors Passage Hen featuring Sofu D. I will literally kill to read it in English! Well maybe not actually kill... Maim though. Hmmm.

Anyway this was just a side comment on fandoms and my love of all the old ones. :)
Tags: fandom
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