The Consulting Detective (bootoye) wrote,
The Consulting Detective

Wow...It's been how long?

So, I just realised that I almost let 2016 go by without posting here at all. Not that it would really matter, 2016 has been a crap year so far.... RIP Alan Rickman.

Anyway, I think I am the same as I was back in October last year when I made the last post. XD

So let me say some things I am liking and things I am ranting about ATM.

1. I am playing D&D and loving it still.
2. I just found out that my car is coming in tomorrow and I am so excited. XD
3. Sherlock series 4 is in post-production right now....yeah!!!! About time. I did not comment on The Abominable Bride but it was great! :D
4. Doctor Strange is coming out next month XD Can't wait!
5. Trip to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale was excellent.
6. I'm still alive and employed. LOL
7. Have a new doggie...he is huge and playful. XD
8. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!!!! XD SPOILERS

I love that they brought back Snape and gave him a proper sendoff. Also I loved Scorpius and grown-up Draco. Excellent.

1. Leonard Nimoy and Alan Rickman are dead..... and so is David Bowie. T_T 2016 is a horrible year..... I could think of a lot of other people who could have gone in their place.
2. Stress, stress, stress. Stress will kill us all.
3. No Doctor Who this year!!!! WTF!!!
4. Sherlock is still taking forever for a new series.
5. I can't believe that I paid US$25. for a book I finished in 2 hours..... Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I liked it but... Albus was soooooooooo annoying!!!!!!!!! Did they have to make him an American teenager?

6. My body is still trying to kill me...fibroids and Niagara Falls every 26 days......sigh.
Tags: life, rants
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