On holidays :D

It is the end of the first week and I am feeling relaxed. I spend a lot of time lounging in bed but I am keeping up with my Zumba so no threat yet of putting back on the weight. ^^

I went to see World War Z it was more disturbing than horrifying which is good because hubby went to see Man of Steel instead :) He loved the novel for WWZ too much to go watch the movie. LOL

I need to find something to do this holidays or I will start to go crazy and I can only look at the sherlock eps. so many times ^^
Sherlock Lestrade

Watching movies and tv *spoilers*

I have been watching some good movies lately XD

Iron Man 3 was good and I am looking forward to Avengers 2 and Thor 2 as a result. Let's just say the Mandarin was the best part of that movie. Hurray for Ben Kingsley, Trevor stole the show.

Star Trek: Into Darkness was the best movie I have seen this year. I even went back to the cinema and saw it twice. XD The whole crew were great to see again but of course hands down the star of this show was Khan! Oops, I shouldn't say that, Spoilers! I will have to put a warning in the title :D Ben Cumberbatch was great, menacing and evil in this role. This Khan by himself was more threatening than the old one and he had his entire crew with him.

Game of Thrones deserves a mention because of the Red Wedding massacre. Rob and his mother, wife and unborn child all got horribly slaughtered. It was as shocking as it was brutal. I don't know if this nihilistic series is really my cup of tea though. What's the point really if everyone dies?
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Anyone who knows me knows that I don't like exercise XD. I am convinced that it will send any normal healthy human being to an early grave.

However, I have started Zumba classes about 2 months now and I am dedicated and loving it! I can keep up and the instructor knows my name and wants me in front! O.o Who would have thought.:)

I am glad that Zumba is nothing like aerobics which I tried in the past (2nd year uni) and absolutely hated and could not keep up.

I shall continue to Lighten up my life :) If I can do it anyone can.
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Sherlock Lestrade

Work Sucks

I want to rant about my work but *sigh* I think even doing that will prove stressful for me.

So I am being asked to take up the slack for others at work and I think this is grossly unfair. Why do I have to be punished for my professionalism and diligence while the mediocre workers are being relieved of their duties so they do not cause more damage?

Punish competence and reward incompetence? Am I the only one who experiences this at work? *sigh*

Well, in other news I believe that I have a new plan to lose 5 lbs... :) I shall avoid snacks and the sweetened drinks this week and I will reward myself for my self-control on the weekend.
So far I have had a couple biscuits yesterday but I believe I am doing rather well all things considered.

I also have to avoid chocolate because I am breaking out in spots like whoa. It is hard to give up chocolate but I must until the end of the month... hoping my face clears up.^^


So my friends are throwing a private party to raise some funds. It is a back in Times 80s & 90s theme party and I love the theme for sure.... I myself however, am not a partying kind of person... I find them tedious at best. XD

It is hard trying to sell tickets for this party when I am abysmal at sales... I tried when I was about 20 no luck there.

I don't think people have money right now to go to parties and especially not on the Mothers' Day weekend.

I hope next time we do a barbeque... I can definitely sell tons of those :)

I hope it goes off well nonetheless because I am in it with them. I believe that I have a sale for 2 tickets so I guess I am not empty handed at the meeting this evening.

This is not a rant but I had to get it off my chest.^^

Elementary 1x19 I think

So, I am looking at the episode of Elementary which aired on April 4th on CBS. XD I cannot remember the name of the ep and I don't feel like looking for it right now.


Okay, fine let me check yahoo!

Snow Angels - I think I have to think hard to catch the reference to this title from the episode....There was a blizzard...

I just wanted to comment about one thing anyway. Mrs. Hudson is a young, buxom transgender kept-woman! WTF CBS? Though I am not quite right she is a muse! According to Sherlock.

Within all of that though Mrs. Hudson's search for independence led her to clean up the brownstone enough that Sherlock ends up hiring her to do weekly cleanings...so I guess, at least Mrs. H is still the housekeeper... or is she just a cleaner now.

I don't know how I feel about this new character. I like Mrs. Hudson but she is so stereotypical (floozy temptress who cleans too) while not being stereotypical (transgender is actually a plus but can it outweigh the first?)

I am looking forward now to looking at Elementary and I find this version of Sherlock Holmes to be quirky enough to pass but he is still not very good at deduction! *sigh*
On another note, I like the change in Holmes and Watson's relationship. While she is his apprentice the balance of power seems to be much more Holmesian than it was when she was his sober companion and nagging.

I am looking forward tot eh next episode but I still have not been gripped with the need to re-watch the episodes....Compare that to me watching all the Sherlock eps. at least 5 times and we see that something is still missing from Elementary.
Mycroft and Sherlock

It's that time again

Easter weekend this year was along holiday weekend from good friday to easter monday :) I went to the beach and got unwanted tan *sigh*

Tomorrow is my b-day and I am feeling my mortality again. How could so many years have passed already?

I need to find some new purpose maybe a career change? Think I might be too old for that though :)

Anyway, for now I plan to enjoy my week off.;)
Doctor Jack Martha

Pluto Protest

I guess my age will show when I look at shows about the solar system and such and I wonder why Pluto is no longer being considered a planet.

So for hundreds of years we have been reading about 9 planets around our little yellow sun and now students are being told that there are only 8 and that Pluto is a moon! I beg to differ what planet is Pluto orbiting? I wonder what is the mnemonic used now to remember Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune......Pluto?

Obviously I have nothing else to write about here ^^
Jack and Doctor

lenten fast

So, i have decided to give up my kinky fanfic and fic reading for Lent. XD
I will also try to stop buying and eating snacks.....though I must say, my flesh has proven to be very weak!

Oh well, I am trying and it will help me to lose the 10 lbs that I need to get rid of. I am slowly but surely limiting my intake of unnecessary junk food. It's always better to start slowly so that it will stick. I think next week I will go kinda cold turkey and I will reward myself a little next Sunday. :)

Wish me luck.

I am looking an loving the last few episodes of Elementary starting from the one with 'M' - moriarty :)
I need to look for yesterday's ep....I thinkt he only one I did not really enjoy was 'The Deductionist' .... back to Boring!!!

Oh, and I am also watching Fringe...I have reached the beginning of Season 4 where the 2 Universes have been saved by Peter :) Going good!

Okay enough chat...I want to try writing some Sherlock fanfic :)